Meet Terri Wada

Terri Wada is CEO and Co-founder of Collabo XD, a service design company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. In her role, she partners with leaders seeking to build organizational or community resilience through deeply understanding lived human experiences and people-centered solutions. 

As both an educator and practitioner in the field of design thinking and human-centered design, Terri has built her company and career around understanding people in a way that goes deeper than numbers by leveraging design research and applied ethnography to co-create better futures with people rather than for them.

To date, she’s led experience improvement initiatives including journey mapping the Indiana’s largest healthcare network, engaging hundreds of residents in a city-wide challenge to curb youth violence, and capturing work experiences of international employees from around the globe. Terri’s work and research has gained both national and international recognition through publications, presentations, and a personal invitation to share and facilitate her approach to design thinking at the Pentagon with the U.S. Army.