“Local Search Strategies to Make Your Business Stand Out” – Abby Reckard

In December, Abby Reckard, Director of Digital Strategy at Well Done Marketing, showed Smartups members how to use local search to grow their business.

Abby goes over why search has turned become hyperlocal and how important a mobile strategy is.  She goes over how to understand the SEO landscape in your local area and also tips and tricks on improving your SEO.



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“Sell More. Sell More Easily.” — Shad Tidler

In November, Shad Tidler, Sales at Lushin, taught Smartups members how to improve their sales process and close more deals.

This video is a clip of his presentation that describes the process buyers go through in making large purchases. He tells the story of his sister buying a car to demonstrate the buyer’s process. Once you know this process, you can change your sales strategy to convert customers at different stages.



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“Advanced Content Promotion Techniques (Paid & Unpaid) – Chad Pollitt


In October, Chad Pollitt, Co-Founder and VP of Audience at Relevance, taught Smartups members why promoting their content is essential, what channels to promote their content in, and how to promote their content.

This video is a clip of his presentation that exposes content promotion channels, trends, and where you should be promoting your content. It’s a peek into where digital advertising and promotion is now and how to stay ahead of the game in promoting your content.



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One Secret to Making Your Marketing More Strategic – Tim Flint

Tim Flint, Flint Analytics Principal, Strategist, and Smartups founder shows you how to make your marketing more strategic so you can: drive down acquisition costs, retain customers, and improve brand perception.

One way to get more out of your marketing is to combine your efforts across channels by making them work together. When you speak the same message and reach the customer in multiple ways the message is more likely to stick. In this video, Tim dives into how to use free analytics tools to make decisions on engaging customers across multiple channels. It all comes down to one question: What’s the next interaction?


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Turn Random Strangers Into Raving Fans with Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg

You can’t turn random strangers into raving fans until you truly know who your customer is. In September Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg, a digital marketing agency in Indianapolis, spoke about the importance of understanding your target market. Listen and learn.

How To Transform Random Strangers Into Raving Fans; Smartups September 2014 by Smartups on Mixcloud