Executing As Promised with Lawrence McGlown

So I’m gonna talk a little bit about and introduce Lawrence McGlown. Lawrence is the CEO of getSayDo. He’s Managing Director of the McGlown Group. As managing director, his team helps companies communicate and deliver their customer promises of unison. He founded getSayDO as the business world’s customer feedback hub. His pasts include being the VP of Marketing at Ingram Micro and has held many brand and marketing leadership roles at companies such as Humana, and Kraft Foods, ConAgra Foods & Hickory Farms. 

He’ll be speaking on why organizations must execute as they promise and why the customer feedback process [inaudible] of all. After Lawrence speaks, feel free – I don’t know how you’re doing this. If you’re doing a discussion and you want feedback during your talk, that’s fine. And if you have questions bring them up. We’ll have the microphone around, and at the end I’ll announce next month’s. So I’ll give it over to Lawrence. 

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